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Sharing the Lead

Union 2018 Admin Team - Share the Lead

To create change, leaders must clearly communicate all the components of change over an extended period of time. Change will not take place because of a single staff meeting, a one-and-done staff development, nor the launch of a single initiative: Change is a process.

Creating an Eco-System for Managing Change:

1. Spotlight on Change

2. Team Talk

3. Reach Just Beyond

4. Everything Open

5. Time is Everything

6. Celebrate the Mission

7. Happy People make Joyful Learners

Today, let's combine Everything Open and Celebrating the Mission.

Step 1: Create the Time to Communicate

Step 2: Create the Space for: Celebrations, Communications and Resources.

Step 3: Drive traffic to this site weekly.

Bonus Step: Organize all admin working resources onto one platform and manage the change.

Step 1 - Create the Time to Communicate

A) When does your team sit down and follow a structured Communications building Protocol?


10 minutes - review Planning Calendar

5 minutes - Celebrations (1 Mission, 1 Academic, 1 Staff - Include Pictures)

5 minutes - Upcoming Dates

10 Minutes - Upcoming Events

- At the end of the protocol, each member is assigned to write their sections by X Day @ Y Time.

Step 2 - Creating the Space

Click Here to view a Sample

Resources & Assets for the Sample Site

The landing page can show the school calendar or have quick resources. The sidebar is the key to organize staff communications and transparency.

Create a weekly news letter that is on the site. This allows for updates and error correction even once it is published! The Weekly becomes the reason to come to the site, and while staff are there, they may check out other resources as well.

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial.

Create a collaboration page and link all collaboration team notes and folders in one place. This makes it easy to keep track of what everyone is working on.

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial

Place Professional Development Archives, Staff Meeting Running Agendas, Leadership Team Notes, all on one sidebar. This creates transparency in an organization where nobody can say they didn't know something was happening.

CLICK HERE for a video tutorial

Step 3: Drive Traffic to the Site Weekly

Be intentional about branding communication:

Once branded as valuable, all other resources become relevant and accessible. A brand is Unique, Consistent and Reliable.

Bonus Step: Collect all Admin Resources onto one Page

Create an admin page with all of the most important resources for running an efficient admin team meeting:

- Planning Calendar

- Admin Agenda

- Weekly Staff Communication Template

- Weekly Parent Communication Template



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